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What factors should be considered when selecting LoRaWAN modules

The LoRaWAN wireless communication module is currently the most popular low-power, long-distance communication product. Proper setup and use of LoRaWAN wireless modules is a key element to ensure their long-term and stable operation. In addition, it can also prevent damage to it, thereby reducing its maintenance and project operating costs.


1、 Same channel interference: In wireless communication, the mutual influence of same frequency signals is an important problem that troubles people.

2、 Parameter settings: In LoRaWAN wireless mode, these data should be set to the same format, such as speed, frequency band, etc. And communicating between different modules, otherwise there will be coding confusion and data loss.

3、 Power supply guarantee: When selecting Lora wireless components, an appropriate DC stabilized power supply must be selected. Too little, not enough energy, and the transmission range is short. If it is too large, it will burn out the wireless modules that are not connected. Power supply equipment with strong anti-interference ability, small ripple, and large load capacity should be selected. Excessive power fluctuations will also reduce the range of LoRaWAN's wireless modules.

4、 Strong interference sources: When using LoRaWAN antennas, efforts should be made to avoid metal and multi-layered building environments that may have a significant impact on the antenna signal.

5、 Lightning protection measures: Lightning protection is a key protection technology for LoRaWAN wireless charging equipment. It is common for lightning to disrupt the user's Lora wireless communication system, causing a halt to the entire project. So, it is very necessary to do a good job in lightning protection.

6、 Environmental impact: The application of LoRaWAN's wireless charging module is greatly limited under poor working conditions. For example, being too hot or too cold can reduce the lifespan of LoRaWAN's wireless battery pack. In addition, it is best for LoRaWAN components to be placed in a humid environment, as this will greatly limit the transmission range of wireless components.

7、 Antenna material: When using wireless communication, an appropriate antenna needs to be selected. Appropriate antennas can provide greater power to wireless communication systems, but without sufficient power, it can lead to insufficient distance. Also, its height must exceed one meter and there must be no obstacles or other interfering factors around it. Higher antenna settings and higher gain.

8、 Grounding measures: In the operation of communication devices, grounding plays a crucial role. Its function is to reduce noise and other interference to LoRaWAN RF components of the communication device through good grounding, thereby increasing the stability of electronic components in the communication device and ensuring that the electronic components of the communication device are not damaged by static high voltage and instantaneous discharge shocks, A good grounding wire can ensure effective shielding of communication devices and prevent external EMI.

9、 Standardized installation and use: During installation, it is necessary to strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions in order to reduce the probability of malfunctions. If there are any uncertainties, please check with the manufacturer. Don't tinker around on your own. If you can't fix it properly, problems will arise, and the gains will not be worth the losses.

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