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IoT, you need to know more!

The Industrial Internet of Things, also known as Industry 4.0 or Industrial Internet, is an industrial technology that utilizes data collection and remote monitoring to enhance efficiency in manufacturing, production, and work management. It utilizes the capabilities of IoT devices and data collection and computing to achieve a "dialogue" with machine equipment, and its automation and intelligence characteristics make it naturally highly compatible with the field of industrial automation.


By implementing remote and maintenance of equipment through real-time data collection, problems can be discovered faster, processing time and costs can be saved, and a relaxed and intelligent office environment can be provided. It has a wide range of applications in intelligent manufacturing, intelligent environmental protection, and energy pipeline networks. In practical industrial applications, the Industrial Internet of Things is the key to optimizing production processes, supply chain traceability, quality management, and predictive maintenance.


How does the Industrial Internet of Things operate?


The Industrial Internet of Things is an intelligent network of industrial equipment that uses diverse networks to achieve data collection, monitoring, sharing, and computing analysis systems. Each industrial Internet of Things consists of a three-layer structure: industrial equipment responsible for production and manufacturing; Gateway devices that can perceive, collect, and transmit data; Terminal devices and platforms for remote monitoring and control by users.


Overall, it is the entire process of "generating data - collecting data - processing data - data transmission - data monitoring - data feedback".

Which industries are using the Industrial Internet of Things?


The Industrial Internet of Things is an essential technology for industrial automation, which is now being used in many industries.


Manufacturing is one of the application industries of the Industrial Internet of Things. By collecting data from PLC, industrial robots, and CNC CNC machine tools, we can constantly understand the operating status of the equipment, monitor abnormal data, and maintain it in a timely manner.


The energy industry utilizes the Industrial Internet of Things to monitor various data of the energy pipeline network, ensuring the continuous progress of energy production, and providing accurate data monitoring and maintenance channels for management personnel.


Agriculture and animal husbandry collect soil, moisture and other data through sensors and instruments to ensure smooth agricultural production and avoid the influence of natural or human factors.


What are the benefits of industrial IoT?


Predictive maintenance is one of the most practical benefits of industrial IoT. Through industrial IoT Gateways, device data can be collected in real-time, and abnormal data indicates equipment failure, thereby predicting when machine equipment needs to be repaired. Manufacturers in the manufacturing industry are particularly benefited because equipment failures may lead to the shutdown of an entire production line, indirectly increasing costs. If proactive maintenance and scheduling adjustments can be carried out, production efficiency can be guaranteed.


Better on-site maintenance is also an important aspect. Industrial IoT data can provide engineers with a remote device maintenance channel, quickly locating faulty devices and components, and making it easier to update device programs or repair components in the future. Both service providers and users can enjoy high-quality device maintenance services.


Smart environmental protection is also an important part of national construction. Collecting data on air, temperature, humidity, pollutants, and other factors makes environmental data monitoring easier, especially in complex and diverse on-site environments, which can ensure safety.



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