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LoRaWAN promotes sustainability and efficiency | observation

LoRaWAN technology is enabling Industry 5.0 to evolve on a global scale, building on Industry 4.0, incorporating human factors and guided primarily by environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives aimed at enhancing sustainability, efficiency and quality of life.


LoRaWAN drives sustainability and efficiency


Across the globe, companies are recognizing that achieving business goals requires more than just operational improvements; People and technology must work together to bring about change. LoRaWAN is leading the way in this space, with millions of deployments ultimately focused on improving sustainability and improving quality of life.


The evolution to Industry 5.0 would not have been possible without the use of open standards, the support of a robust ecosystem, supplier choice and endless innovation. This is why so many organizations around the world are adopting the LoRaWAN standard to drive their overall digital initiatives.


Government regulations to ensure safety are on the rise, including requirements to monitor gas leaks. Real-time monitoring with LoRaWAN can reduce shutdown times by a factor of six, saving lives and property.


Since its installation, its LoRaWAN flexible leak detection sensors have eliminated flood events in more than 8,000 apartments, achieving an average return on investment of six months for asset owners. The need to protect residents' privacy is also driving the adoption of LoRaWAN in residential buildings, as the technology allows for facility monitoring and optimization without capturing or transmitting any personally identifiable information.


These have consistently shown LoRaWAN to be the fast-rising star of LPWAN sensor deployments in smart cities, buildings, and utilities, and is also making rapid inroads in manufacturing, agriculture, and other high-priority sectors. The value LoRaWAN brings as an open standard makes it inherently agile and encourages cross-industry innovation.


LoRaWAN's open standards, security, low power consumption, battery operation, long-distance transmission and other advantages make it suitable for iot deployment, becoming a natural choice for industry 5.0. Large-scale LoRaWAN deployments pave the way for achieving ESG goals and adopting Industry 5.0.


It currently operates more than 70,000 gateways and more than 4.8 million sensors in 5,800 cities in 12 countries. At the same time, LoRaWAN provides support for remote patient monitoring hardware, enabling providers to reach more patients in remote and underserved areas, thereby improving equity and inclusion in healthcare.



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