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4G Cat1 DTU data transmission terminal

● Supports docking with multiple sensors;
Integrated RS232, RS485, digital input Multiple communication interfaces such as relay output
● Support data transparent transmission;
Widely applicable to smart industries, building automation, smart energy Scenarios such as smart agriculture
●Support TCP/IP, MQTT protoco.

Product details

      The ZW-DT101 4G DTU data transmission terminal is a product developed to enable serial devices and network servers to transmit data to each other through a 4G network. Utilize the 4G Cat1 DTU data transmission terminal network to provide users with wireless long-distance low-power data transmission capabilities. This product adopts high-performance industrial grade 32-bit communication processors and industrial grade wireless modules, with strong network coverage and support for high-capacity user access. It provides RS232/RS485 interface with built-in 15KV ESD protection, low-power design, and provides 5 channels of IO, which can achieve functions such as analog input and digital input and output.

       This product is widely used in the M2M industry in the IoT industry chain, such as remote meter reading, smart cities, smart buildings, smart factories, smart firefighting, smart parking, smart homes, smart agriculture, and other fields.

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Wireless Transmission



4G Mode



TCP/UDP/MQTT/Zonewu IoT Cloud

Data Interfaces

Interface Type

3.5 mm Terminal Block


1 × DI + 1 × DO + 3 × AI

Serial Port

Series Rate

Serial port protocol

1 × RS232 + 1 × RS485


Modbus RTU(RS485)

Analog Input

3× 4~20 mA(Default), 3 × 0~5 V(Hardware Optional)


Configuration Port

1 × RS232

LED Indicators

1 × Power, 1 × Status,1 ×Run,1 ×Net


Watchdog, Timer

Physical Characteristics

Input Voltage

Operating Temperature


-40°C ~ 70°C (-40℉ to +158℉)


91 × 58.5 × 22 mm (Excluding antennas and mounting components)


Wall Mounting