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IoT gateway

FBOX is an on-site intelligent data collection terminal in the industrial Internet of Things platform, which can conveniently achieve remote data collection, remote downloading, and remote maintenance of on-site equipment. Supporting over 350 industrial device driver protocols and multiple communication interfaces, it can meet the networking needs of the vast majority of industrial controller devi

Product details

Connect on-site equipment PLC, frequency converter, instruments, etc., and transmit data to a remote server (ZONEWU cloud) through the network to complete functions such as data collection, equipment monitoring, program upgrade, and fault alarm.

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Support remote program download and online monitoring of ainstream PLC, touch screen and other devices. Even if the device is far away from home, it can be remotely debugged and program downloaded across borders, thereby solving the problems of difficult equipment aintenance and high travel costs.

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Just like traditional configuration software/touch screen, it only requires simple drag and drop, no programming, no software installation, and can quickly edit high-end and atmospheric images on computer web pages.

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Detailed Images

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Detailed Parameter

Product parameters

Network Access

Ethernet, 4G, 4G Cat1


300MHz ARM9


128MB Flash + 64MB DDR2


1 x 10M/100M adaptive port

SD Card

Not Supported

USB Port

1 x USB Device 2.0 interface

IO Port

Not Supported

Serial port

COM1:RS232/RS485/RS422   COM3:RS232

Network frequency band

LTE FDD: B1/B3/B5/B8

LTE TDD: B38/B39/B40/B41


CDMA: BC0 GSM: 900/1800MHz

Supports full network connectivity




Real time clock built-in

Electrical specifications

rated power

< 5W

Rated voltage

DC24V, working range DC 9V~28V

Power protection

Equipped with lightning surge protection

Allow power loss

< 3ms


Compliant with EN61000-6-2:2005, EN61000-6-4:2007 standards, RoHS compliant, lightning surge ± 1KV, group pulse ± 2KV, electrostatic contact 4KV, air discharge 8KV

Environmental requirements

working temperature


Storage temperature


Environmental humidity

10~90%RHNo condensation)

Seismic resistance

10~25Hz2G/30 minutes in X, Y, Z direction

Cooling method

Natural air cooling

Mechanical indicators


90mm×75mm×25mmexcluding antenna)


Approximately 220g

material quality

Galvanized sheet, surface treated with powder coating

Software parameters

Ordinary ranslucency


VPN transparent transmission


Data monitoring

300 points, supporting scheduled or variable uploads

Alarm push

60 points, support client push, SMS push, WeChat official account push

historical data

30 o'clock, supports offline continuous transmission, can store 50000 pieces per point offline, and can be retained in the cloud for 60 days

Edge computing

Support script programming

Network Protocol

Supports over a hundred industrial equipment protocols

Management and Maintenance

Supports remote firmware upgrade and configuration file import and export