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LoRaWAN What are the advantages of the network protocol over the LoRa private protocol

 LoRa technology chips are now widely used in many applications of the Internet of Things, but without the LoRaWan network protocol. After investigation, it is found that the reasons for not using LoRaWAN network protocol are: few application points and small scale, and some can only use lora technology because of the high cost of LoRaWAN gateway module, high technical requirements, and cannot be mastered in a short time. So, what are the advantages of LoRaWAN network protocol over LoRa private protocol will be revealed in this paper.


 LoRa is a physical layer transmission technology, typically characterized by long distance and low power consumption. The rate is relatively low. LoRa is a transceiver (tranciever) chip, such as semtech's SX1278. To use this technology and product is to input or read out your own business, and all the agreements and business to the top are their own definition.


LoRaWAN Protocol is a set of protocol standards based on the MAC layer based on the LoRa physical layer transmission technology. With this standard, LoRaWAN's becomes a network technology. The corresponding products to this technology include LoRaWAN node, LoRaWAN gateway and LoRaWAN protocol and data cloud platform. When using LoRaWAN network products, there are two interfaces to the user: one is a data interface between the underlying sensor and the LoRaWAN node, through which the sensor data is transmitted to the network; one is a data interface between the LoRaWAN protocol and the data cloud platform and the user's application to transfer the data of the network.


LoRaWAN The network provides multi-channel access, frequency switching, adaptive rate, channel management, timing sending and dispatch, node access authentication, data encryption, roaming and other characteristics. In addition to the advantages of long transmission distance and low power consumption in the physical layer, it has several advantages over the LoRa physical layer:


1. Good whole sex


LoRaWAN The network has designed the node access authentication, data encryption and other security mechanisms. These mechanisms, reviewed by industry experts and verified by multiple applications by technology companies around the world, are much more secure than interim agreements for app developers. For the continuous security of the application.


2. Compatibility


Different sensor nodes of different manufacturers can be connected to the same LoRaWAN network, and the interface between the LoRaWAN protocol and the data cloud platform is unified. For application developers, they do not need to customize all sensors, shorten the development cycle, reduce research and development costs, and deliver quickly.


3. Sexual expansion and upgrading


With the evolution of LoRaWAN network standards, positioning, roaming, broadcasting, multicast and other features can be continuously added. Equivalent to be in a public technology platform, continue to benefit.


4. Large collateral capacity


Through multi-channel access, frequency switching and adaptive rate, LoRaWAN network has larger data capacity than point-to-point or point-to-point multi-point application, can access more nodes and have strong scalability based on LoRa physical layer. It is conducive to application developers to develop large-scale applications and continuously upgrade applications.



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