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What are the areas in which DTUs are commonly used?

DTU is a wireless terminal device that uses the operator's 2G/3G/4G network to convert serial port data into IP data or IP data into serial port data, and can be widely used in all walks of life.

1、The agricultural sector

DTU has many projects in the field of agriculture. Monitor data such as water supply, growth status, fertilization frequency, etc., and can also send control commands for remote control for any condition.

2、Environmental protection field

As the development trend of green economy in the future, environmental protection has become a social consensus. However, China's high-pollution development model after the reform and opening up has made the current situation of pollution very severe, and the current situation and future trends are destined to have great potential in the environmental protection industry.   DTU is widely used in water quality monitoring, mainly based on its low cost, accurate and timely data collection, etc., which effectively solves the difficulties of large-scale real-time monitoring and makes environmental intelligent monitoring a reality.

3、Power sector

The application of DTU in the power industry is relatively early, after more than ten years of development and maturity. The demand for DTU in the power industry is still growing. It has a wide range of applications in the intelligent distribution of power grids, the integrated system of intelligent substations, and the monitoring of important nodes of power grids. Due to the particularity of the power industry, the strong electromagnetic environment and the regulation of the industry's data transmission protocol, the special DTU for power is generally used.

4、Industrial sector

In the face of the trend of information technology, the traditional industrial field is gradually getting rid of the previous rough and inefficient production mode and structure, and changing to the direction of intelligence. The large-scale application of DTU is an opportunity for industrial intelligence.

As a bridge between the serial port device and the remote control center, it will feed back production information in real time, so that the control center can make effective control, improve production efficiency and reduce costs, such as in industrial automation.

For example, it has a very wide range of applications in industrial weighing and industrial assembly line production. If there are relatively high requirements for the speed and amount of information transmitted, 3G/4G DTU is generally selected.

5、Shared realms

As the new darling of the Internet economy, the sharing economy has swept the land of China in the form of shared rental housing and shared umbrellas. Relying on its low-cost, industrial-grade design, accurate and secure data transmission, DTU has been rapidly applied to the sharing field. For example, in the application of shared parking spaces, the on-site DTU can be applied on a large scale to monitor parking space information outdoors, pass it to the operation background, and unify the scheduling arrangement.

The above are the five most popular industries for DTU application long.



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