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What is LoRa modulation and what are the characteristics of LoRa modulation

LoRa modulation is a variant of linear modulation (CSS), with forward error correction (FEC). LoRa significantly improves acceptance sensitivity and, as with other spread frequency technologies, broadcasts a signal using the entire channel bandwidth, thus enabling more robust channel noise and insensitivity to frequency shifts due to the use of low-cost crystal oscillations. LoRa modulation is a physical layer (PHY) that can be used for different protocols and different network architectures-Mesh, Star, point-to-point, and more. In the field of radio frequency (RF) communication, there are many traditional modulation technologies, such as amplitude modulation (AM), frequency modulation (FM), and phase modulation (PM). However, LoRa modulation is different from these traditional modulation methods, which is unique in the use of spread frequency technology to enhance its communication robustness in complex environments.000.jpeg

LoRa modulation works by spreading low-speed data flow, extending the frequency band of data to range beyond its original rate, thus improving the robustness of data transmission. The introduction of the spread frequency technology enables LoRa to maintain a stable communication effect in environments with high noise or strong multipath effect.

 The LoRa modulation has the following characteristics:

1. Long distance communication: LoRa modulation can realize communication within a range of several kilometers, with excellent transmission distance.

2. Low power consumption: LoRa modulation uses low power spread expansion technology, which can realize long time operation under battery power.

3. Strong anti-interference ability: LoRa modulation also increases the anti-interference ability of the signal, which can achieve reliable communication in complex wireless environment.

4. Strong penetration ability: LoRa modulation has good penetration ability to penetrate walls and obstacles, and can achieve reliable communication in indoor and urban environments.

LoRa modulation has been widely used in the Internet of Things, smart city, industrial automation and other fields, realizing low power consumption, long distance and large-scale wireless communication.



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