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Internet of Things gateway industrial equipment data collection for remote control

 In the architecture of the Internet of Things, an intermediate device is needed between two different networks, the perception layer and the network layer, and that is the "Internet of Things gateway". The Internet of Things gateway, as a new term, will play a very important role in the future era of the Internet of things, and it will become a link between the perceptual network and the traditional communication network.

 Internet of things gateway is a kind of industrial interconnection data remote terminal, through serial or Ethernet connection field equipment PLC, OPC, inverter, instrument, etc., data through Ethernet, GPRS, 3G, 4G, WIFI, ZigBee, LoRa, through MQTT, HTTP, TCP protocols in specific JOSN data format to the remote server, the Internet of things gateway act as a bridge between local equipment and cloud server.

 As a gateway device, the IoT Gateway can realize the protocol conversion between the perception network and the communication network, as well as between different types of perception networks. It can both realize the wide-area interconnection. Local interconnection can also be achieved. In addition, the Internet of Things gateway also needs to have the function of device management. Through the Internet of Things gateway device, operators can manage the underlying perception nodes, understand the relevant information of each node, and realize remote control. In the Internet of things ecosystem, however, there may be hundreds of thousands of different protocols and interfaces of the Internet of things devices, sensors (including temperature sensors, humidity sensor, water sensors, gas sensors, etc.), instruments and various controllers of distributed devices such as access nodes and actuators, the data of these devices is the basis of the Internet of things ecosystem.


 Therefore, the gateway device of the Internet of Things can manage the underlying perceptual nodes, understand the relevant information of each node, and realize remote control. IoT Gateways aggregate sensor data, convert between sensor protocols, process sensor data before sending, and more. Due to the large number of protocols, connectivity models and energy profiles, and the high dispersion of the Internet of Things systems, gateways are needed to manage and control these complex environments.

Visible Internet of things gateway in the whole industrial Internet of things system has great practical value and play an important role, can use the Internet of things gateway to industrial equipment data acquisition has remote monitoring, accurate data uploaded to the cloud, through the cloud to the user of the client, the user can through the client real-time view the operation of the equipment, realize the remote monitoring of the equipment. It will be widely used in electric power, transportation, industrial automation, energy, finance, water conservancy, meteorology, environmental protection, medical care, agriculture, petroleum, construction, intelligent transportation, and other Internet of things industries.



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