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How does the Internet of Things change access control systems?



The Internet of Things is not just a concept for technical experts. You may well have already interacted with an iot device today. For example, you may have used a smartwatch, a voice assistant, or even just a smartphone! These precise principles of connectivity and convenience enable iot access control.

 IoT access control brings benefits not only to residents and tenants, but also to installers, owners and managers. Read on to learn what IoT access control is and discover its advantages.

 What is IoT access control?

 IoT access control is a technology that controls physical access control components such as doors, locks, and vouchers by upgrading Internet compatibility. This way, they can exchange data and communication between the devices.

 The Internet of Things movement is connecting the whole world, and access control is only a part of it. Today, many different industries use the Internet of Things to do business ——, ranging from farmers who track pest control measures to medical facilities that use alert mechanisms to protect high-risk patients.

 Now, the best, most modern access control system providers use the same IoT technology to enable tenants, visitors, and property workers to easily access buildings.

 How does IoT access control work?

 IoT access control uses the Internet of Things to grant voucher readers, locks and door opener the ability to communicate through the Internet. Access control hardware and software for communication over the Internet can exchange more amounts of data than access control hardware and software for communication using radio waves or Bluetooth.

Thus, residents can use more functions, thus giving staff access to more useful data. For example, the IoT camera access system allows workers to view and store digital photos of all door opening events, improving security.

 The IoT access control system consists of three parts

So you know what iot access control is, but what are the components of IOT access control?

1. Voucher

Vouchers can come in many different forms, from Internet cards and cards to mobile applications that use smartphones to send wireless signals. The tenant carries these credentials to pass the data to the reader.

2. Reader

The reader verifies the user's identity by obtaining the information provided to them. The type of reader you select will determine the type of credentials the user must carry, so you must select the credential type you like before selecting the reader. There are fob readers, Bluetooth readers and smartphone-based readers and many more.

3. Electric drive or magnetic lock

 Once the reader has verified that the credentials are valid, it tells the electronic or magnetic lock off to make the door secure. Afterwards, visitors can enter.

 How do residents enter the buildings protected by the access control of the Internet of Things?

 First, the residents show them their credentials. Either the tenant will have to actually expose their credentials to the reader, or the reader will scan it from a distance.

 Second, the reader scans the voucher. Using its antenna and sensors, the reader reads the data on the credentials. Later, it compares the data received from the credentials to the database hosting the credentials.

Finally, if the reader detects a match, it indicates that the door lock is unlocked. The tenants can then enter the property.

 Advantages of using the Internet of Things for access control

 Technology has revolutionized the way we live and work. The Internet is further changing our lives. With the Internet, people can keep connected with each other. Moreover, there will always be valuable data at our fingertips.

The following are the elements of the Internet of Things access control system, which can simplify the access between doors and buildings, without making the system management too complex.


The IoT access control system is wireless, which means that a successful installation does not require you to remove the wall or floor for each access component. Instead, you only need a power supply and an internet connection. Therefore, you can save on installation and maintenance costs and reduce the possibility of hardware failure.


Many traditional access control systems require you to constantly reprint and distribute the keys as residents lose their keys or move out. But with the Internet of Things access system, you can provide residents with remote control keys or key cards that are easier to replace and manage. Alternatively, you can choose a mobile access control system where tenants can use a smartphone to open their doors.

 Integrated friendly

Imagine that you have just installed a new convenience space, such as a conference room. Now, you must distribute a whole new set of keys to your residents. This is time-consuming, inconvenient, and monotonous. On the other hand, the access and management of the Internet of Things is simple and convenient. You can create digital credentials to grant residents access through the online dashboard — no need to create new physical credentials.




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