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Application of Dust Monitoring in Industrial Sites

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, environmental pollution problems are becoming increasingly serious, especially in developing countries. Many developed countries have relocated heavily polluting factories to developing countries, resulting in increasingly serious environmental pollution in developing countries. Severe environmental pollution has also brought a series of ecological problems, and protecting the ecological environment has become a problem that the world as a whole is facing. For the so-called urban environmental pollution, it means that the pollutants discharged into the natural environment in the production and daily life of the city have exceeded the range that the natural environment can withstand, and its own pollution treatment capacity has been overloaded, resulting in variations in the properties and functions of various factors in the natural environment, seriously disrupting ecological balance and endangering human health.

Problems and difficulties faced

1. The rapid development of heavy industry and significant pollution require timely monitoring and investigation

2. Manual monitoring methods result in high labor consumption, low work efficiency, and slow data transmission

3. For high-risk enterprises such as chemical industry, if monitoring is not timely, sudden pollution and significant environmental damage may occur

4. There are many types of urban environmental pollution, and the monitoring points are relatively scattered, making it difficult to manage and collect data

5. Once serious environmental pollution occurs, it can have a serious impact on human health

Solution implementation

To address many drawbacks of manual monitoring, this solution uses 4G DTUs to address the issues of delayed data transmission and low work efficiency in manual monitoring. By combining environmental monitoring software with 4G DTU, environmental monitoring becomes more intelligent. The system collects pollution data from the surrounding environment and factories by using pollution source monitoring equipment, and timely uploads the data to the data server through DTU. The environmental monitoring department and video monitoring center timely collect and analyze data, and once problems are found, timely control the pollution sources to prevent environmental deterioration. At the same time, it is equipped with a DTU of China Mobile Unicom Telecom IoT network card, which solves the problem of difficult monitoring for heavily polluting enterprises in remote areas and achieves centralized control of monitoring points. Once environmental monitoring departments discover problems, they can promptly call up on-site videos to observe the situation. At the same time, a cloud management platform is also equipped, through which devices can be remotely upgraded.

System topology diagram


System advantages

1. 4G DTU is simple and easy to deploy, with high work efficiency, stable equipment, and secure and efficient data transmission.

2. Real time monitoring and management can be achieved, achieving visualized, comprehensive, and networked management of pollution sources.

3. Collaborate with intelligent software to analyze and organize the data uploaded by routers in a timely manner, and form visual data reports, etc.

4. 4G DTU equipped with IoT network card can achieve system alarm and early warning functions for timely prevention and control.

5. Realized centralized management of monitoring points, reduced human resource consumption, and saved costs.



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