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Functional characteristics


Business Collaboration

Collaborate administrative licensing approval, construction project management, environmental supervision and management, environmental law enforcement, administrative penalties, environmental petitions, environmental monitoring, solid waste management, nuclear and radiation management, total amount management, ecological management, air quality prediction and prediction, environmental emergency response, environmental decision-making, and other businesses to establish a collaborative management mechanism. At the same time, we will unify and coordinate the government's business work with the self management of enterprises and the environmental protection needs of the public, providing better services for enterprises and the public.


Integrated monitoring


Establish a comprehensive three-dimensional monitoring network to comprehensively monitor water pollution sources, air pollution sources, radioactive sources, motor vehicles, water environment, atmospheric environment, noise, ecological environment, etc., and achieve an integrated intelligent monitoring and management platform for heaven, earth and air monitoring.


Resource sharing

Sharing and scientifically evaluating environmental quality, safety, and risk information resources across regions, industries, and platforms can solve major environmental management problems in key cities, regions, and watersheds through models and evaluation systems.


Intelligent decision-making

Keep abreast of real-time environmental quality conditions, predict and predict the environmental quality of a certain area, and implement environmental and economic measures such as batch restrictions, production shutdowns, and shutdowns for areas with poor environmental quality. Accurately calculate the carrying capacity of regional environmental resources and provide scientific basis for industrial structure adjustment.


Information transparency

Build a bridge for communication between the government, enterprises, and citizens through technical means such as government extranet websites, enterprise online service halls, and environmental protection APP software. Provide environmental information services for pollution discharge enterprises, society, and the public, achieving a transformation from a single information release window and administrative approval window to a public service platform that provides data services, accepts supervision, and reflects interactive communication.


Function List

Utilize any device system that can perceive, measure, capture, and transmit information anytime and anywhere to achieve a "more thorough perception" of environmental factors such as water environment quality, pollution sources, motor vehicle exhaust, noise environment quality, ecology, air environment, radiation, etc


By utilizing environmental protection networks and operator networks, combined with technologies such as 3G/4G and satellite communication, environmental information stored in personal electronic devices, organizations, and government information systems can be exchanged and shared, achieving a "more comprehensive interconnection"


By utilizing technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization, and high-performance computing, we integrate and analyze massive cross regional and cross industry environmental information, achieve massive storage, real-time processing, deep mining, and model analysis, and achieve "deeper intelligence"


Utilizing the cloud service model to establish object-oriented business application systems and information service portals, providing "smarter decision-making" for businesses such as environmental quality, pollution prevention and control, ecological protection, and radiation management


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