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Common interfaces of IoT hardware gateways

The Internet of Things gateway plays an important role in remote monitoring of IoT devices. It can aggregate sensor data, perform protocol conversion, process sensor data, and send data to the cloud, thus achieving remote monitoring of devices.

Common interfaces of IoT hardware gateways

Common interfaces of IoT hardware gateways To access devices through the Internet of Things gateway, you first need to understand which interfaces are available on the gateway you purchase. Common interfaces are as follows:


 Digital quantity: DO, DI

 Analog quantity: AO, AI

 Serial port protocol: RS232, RS485

 Network port: RJ45

What devices can be connected through DO and DI?

1. Equipment that can be controlled by DO (digital output)

As the output of a digital quantity, DO can be simply understood as controlling the device's "on" or "off"

For large currents, there are many large devices with a voltage of 380V; Such as water pumps, fans, three-phase motors, welding machines, dryers, water heaters, refrigeration equipment, carving machines, elevators, etc; This type of equipment can be assisted by relays and contactors for control.

For household equipment with 220V less than 5A, that is, equipment with less than 1100W, it can be directly controlled; Such as televisions, electric fans, rice cookers, speakers, lights, washing machines, etc

In addition, there are many low current 9-36V devices, commonly known as weak current devices; Such as valve switches, electric gates, audible and visual alarms, indicator lights, access control, and even restart cameras

2. DI (Digital Input) capable of collecting devices

As the input of a digital quantity, DI can be simply understood as obtaining the current state of the device: "On" or "Off"

Travel switch, proximity switch, photoelectric switch, light curtain switch, human induction switch, smoke sensor, float switch, temperature switch, pressure switch, flow switch, liquid level switch, button, solenoid valve fully open/fully closed, limit switch, motor operation status, ready signal, fault signal, local/remote switching signal, oil temperature alarm, water level alarm, switch sensor, pulse counter, speed sensor Ring sensor

What devices can be connected through AO and AI?

1. Devices that can be controlled by AO (analog output)

As an analog output, AO can be simply understood as controlling the device based on the output of current and voltage

0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V

Set and adjust valve opening output, frequency converter setting output, valve switch, solenoid valve, frequency converter, LED light tube, light sensor, proportional valve, servo driver

2. AI (Analog Input) capable of collecting devices

As an input for analog signals, AI can simply be understood as obtaining the current current and voltage values of the device

0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V

PT100 thermal resistor, TC thermocouple, PI pulse signal, temperature transmitter, pressure transmitter, flow transmitter, liquid level transmitter, motor current, regulating valve position feedback; Ultrasonic flow meter, electromagnetic flow meter, ultrasonic liquid level meter, radar liquid level meter, pressure transmitter, radar, wind speed and direction transmitter, current transmitter, voltage transmitter, electrical quantity transmitter

What devices can I connect to through serial protocol?

What devices can I connect to through serial port protocols RS232 and RS485?

1. Water quality sensors

PH, ORP, conductivity, turbidity, residual chlorine, dissolved oxygen, COD, BOD, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, chlorophyll A, oil in water, nitrite, suspended solids concentration

2. Environmental sensors

Wind speed and direction sensors, rain and snow, rainfall, soil, illumination, evaporation, atmospheric pressure, altitude, ultraviolet radiation, photosynthetic radiation, noise

3. Air type sensors

Hydrogen, formaldehyde, methane, oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, ozone, ammonia, negative oxygen ions, odor sensors, sulfur hexafluoride, benzene, air quality (pm10/pm2.5/pm1.0) sensors, TVOC, TSP

4. Soil sensors

Temperature and humidity, moisture, conductivity, pH, EC (soluble salt concentration), fertility (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium)

5. PLC

Siemens, Mitsubishi, Schneider, Panasonic, Bolimu, Xinjie, Omron, Delta, Yaskawa, ABB, Haiwei, Huichuan, Hechuan, LG, Weilentong, Kunlun Tongshi

6. Other categories

Smart electricity meter, smart water meter, voltage sensor, water immersion sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, 485 ultrasonic flow meter, 485 electromagnetic flow meter, input type liquid level sensor, ultrasonic level meter, radar level meter, pressure transmitter, paperless recorder, recorder [temperature, pressure, current, voltage, electricity, flow], electronic water gauge, atmospheric visibility measurement instrument, Freon refrigerant sensor, weighing sensor Displacement ranging sensor, infrared human body sensing sensor, odor sensor, squatting position sensor, oil smoke concentration sensor, smoke sensor, non methane total hydrocarbon sensor, particulate matter sensor

What devices can I connect to through an Ethernet port?

1. Equipment

PLC, camera, robot, RFID recognizer

2. Third party systems

Environmental control system, manure scraping system, material line control system, fan control system, air conditioning unit control system, circulating cooling system, fire protection system, monitoring system, building automation system, intelligent broadcasting system, pressurization system



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