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What is the smart agriculture water-saving irrigation system

Smart agriculture irrigation system is a set of solutions proposed to achieve water conservation on the premise of ensuring crop water demand. It is also called smart agriculture water-saving irrigation system. Smart agriculture irrigation system does not require human control, the system can automatically sense when irrigation is needed and how long irrigation is; Smart agriculture irrigation system can automatically open irrigation or close irrigation; increased irrigation when the soil is too dry and reduced when it is too wet.

 Smart agriculture irrigation system function

1, and data acquisition. Collect detailed data of agricultural planting environment and hardware equipment of the system in real time, including soil temperature and humidity, illumination, liquid level, pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction and other information.

2. Irrigation can be manually / automatically switched between each other according to the application needs.

3. Data viewing. Agricultural environment data, equipment status data and other information are uploaded to the cloud platform in real time.

4. Edge calculation. Support the access of agricultural data obtained based on the Internet of Things technology, such as soil moisture monitoring system and meteorological environment monitoring system, to assist in the realization of intelligent irrigation of facility agriculture.

5. Extension function. A set of intelligent irrigation system can be connected to the acquisition terminal and control terminal, which is easy to obtain the diversity of agricultural environmental data and regulate irrigation in small areas.

6. Early warning function. When the intelligent irrigation system fails, such as water pipe rupture, equipment failure, and a collected data reaches the set warning value, the system automatically triggers the warning mechanism to remind the user.

7, Data processing. The data involved in the operation of the system, including the data collection, equipment status data, early warning information and subsequent operation, cloud platform login and operation, irrigation strategy adjustment and other information, are recorded on the cloud platform to facilitate traceability analysis and regulation of irrigation scheme.

 Networking topology and function introduction of intelligent agricultural irrigation system scheme

Based on time-division multiple access, code division multiple access and frequency modulation technology, LoRa wireless networking independently developed by our company has stronger anti-interference ability and farther communication distance, and improves the utilization rate of frequency. Effectively avoid the data collision in the LoRa network, and increase the networking capacity.

 No wiring, low cost, through the LoRa wireless network, can realize the sensor acquisition end to the server end of the whole wireless transmission. The cost of the cable scheme is saved, and the input of the management personnel is saved. At the same time, when there is abnormal alarm information, the management personnel can learn from the platform in the first time to reduce the relevant risk factors.

Through the relevant data summary of the cloud platform, the management personnel timely understood the information of farmland and greenhouses, made timely policy adjustments, and realized the fine management of farmland irrigation. The whole system is controlled from monitoring to linkage control, forming an overall closed loop, to avoid the problem of one-way monitoring without treatment measures.




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