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Agricultural meteorological station

●Support dual power supply of urban and solar power, ensuring that the equipment can operate continuously even in harsh conditions.
●One RJ45 network port (advanced version) can upload meteorological monitoring data to the remote monitoring software platform.
●One multi-functional GPRS communication interface, which can upload data to the remote monitoring software platform by simply inserting a mobile phone card.

1 ModBus-RTU slave interface, which can be connected to the user's own monitoring host, PLC, configuration screen or configuration software, and can also be used as an external 192 * 96 screen (optional).
●Equipped with one ModBus-RTU master station interface that can connect to our company's 485 transmitters: wind speed, wind direction, soil temperature and moisture, soil ECPH, air temperature and humidity, noise, air quality, atmospheric pressure, light, rain and snow, ultraviolet radiation, total radiation, CO, O3, NO2, SO2, H2S, O2, CO2, evaporation, negative oxygen ions, NH3, TVOC, and other transmitters, supporting the free combination of various measurement elements.
●Optional with 2 relay outputs for remote manual control.



Scope or interface


Data upload communication interface

RJ45 Network Port (Advanced Edition)

Upload data through network port


Upload data through 4G

GSM SMS (Advanced Edition)

Support SMS alarm

ModBus RTU slave interface

Support external devices to inquire about data in the monitoring host through the ModBus RTU protocol.

Data acquisition communication interface

Main RS485 interface

Capable of collecting data from 1-32 485 interface transmitters, with a maximum communication distance of ≥ 1500m

Dot matrix LED screen display interface

LED screen display interface

By default, it is paired with an outdoor LED display screen with a 96 * 48 dot matrix. Other sizes of displays support customization

1x DC voltage acquisition (advanced version)

Acquisition range 0-100V

Acquisition accuracy ± 0.1V, input impedance ≥ 100k Ω
The monitoring host can set conversion coefficients

3 x 4-20mA current signal acquisition(Advanced Edition)             

4-20mA current signal acquisition

Acquisition resolution 3000
Input impedance ≤ 120 Ω
The monitoring host can set conversion coefficients

1x water immersion detection signal (advanced version)

Can perform water leakage detection

Standard equipped with leakage electrode, users can also choose leakage rope, with a maximum length of 30m

4 x switch signal input (advanced version)

Detectable dry junction on/off status

External passive dry contact, response time ≤ 0.2s

2 x relay output (advanced version)

Relay dry contact output

Relay capacity: 250VAC/30VDC 5A
This relay can be associated with any channel's upper and lower limits for alarm or automatic control

1 channel flip bucket rain gauge pulse signal input

Collecting magnetic switch pulse signals for rainfall measurement

Default pulse equivalent: 0.2mm
Instantaneous rainfall (last minute), current rainfall (from 00:00 today to current), yesterday's rainfall (from 00:00 yesterday to 24:00), and permanent cumulative rainfall values can be uploaded
(By default, the fourth switch is used as the input for the rain gauge)

Data upload interval


Data upload interval of 2~10000s can be set
Default upload once every 30 seconds

Built in storage capacity (Advanced Edition)

520000 pieces

Built in storage, up to 520000 pieces can be stored

Power Supply

External power supply

220V AC

Dual power supply

Supports dual power supply of 220V mains and solar panels
(Priority is given to mains power supply. When mains power is cut off, the solar panels and batteries provide power, and the equipment operates normally without interruption.)

Solar powered

Supporting our solar panels and batteries
(Solar panel 60W, battery life of about 7 days)